Economy, finances, management: Topical issues of science and practical activity


Issue №: 3(43)

Published: 2019.08.06
DOI: 10.37128/2411-4413-2019-3

The magazine deals with the problems of the agricultural sector of the economy in the context of integration and processes of globalization. Attention is paid to the issues of development of digital economy, rural territories, technologies of enterprise management and organization of accounting, problems of legal support of economic processes, market tendencies of development of various branches of economy. Particular attention is paid to green tourism as a promising segment of the national economy.

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DOI: 10.37128/2411-4413-2019-3-9
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KOVAL Natalia – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Accounting and Taxation in the Sectors of the Economy, Vinnytsia National Agrarian University (21008, Vinnytsia, 3 Soniachna Str., е-mail: Natkov@i.ua). 

RADCHENKO Oksana – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Leading Researcher of Financial, Credit and Tax Policy Department NSC "Institute of Agrarian Economics (03127, Kyiv, str. Heroes of Defense 10, е-mail: oxanarad@ukr.net).


Agriculture, like the entire Ukrainian economy, is experiencing a difficult period. Although such a downturn in production, which had been at the time of restructuring, did not take place, but the results of the activity are rather uneven over the years and tend to decrease over the past few years. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the financial condition of farmers depends on the macroeconomic situation, which is confirmed by foreign studies, namely, on a specific policy of state support.

More than 11% of agricultural and farm enterprises are concentrated in Vinnytsia region. ¼ part of the farms has a land ownership of up to 500 hectares, and an essential criterion begins with 50 hectares. A significant (20%) share of farms has a land bank of 1-2 thousand hectares. The share of small agricultural enterprises for 2010-2017 has increased from 22.7% to 35.7%, and the share of micro-enterprises in them remains constant - 10%.

In the special fund of the state budget, according to the program 2801460 "Granting loans to farms", allocations for 2016 - UAH 15.8 million were determined; 2017 - UAH 65.0 million, in 2018 - UAH 43.1 million.

According to the regional state administration, according to the results of the implementation of budget support programs for agrarians in 2018, Vinnytsia region was second only to the number of financial support provided to farmers by the Mykolaiv region. Yes, it was used by 411 farms with 2,350 registered (17.5%). It is supposed that all key areas of state support for 2019 will be maintained.

In the region there is a Program for the development of private, farm enterprises for 2016-2020 (modern edition in the Regulation of the State Aviation Administration dated 02.11.2016, number 40). For 2014-2016, UAH 4.96 million has been allocated to this direction from the region budget. Favorable loans were received by 24 farmers and 7 private farms, 5 agricultural cooperatives. In 2017, the program allocated 1.0 million UAH, the trend was also in 2018

The most successful program is to reduce the cost of technology. According to the Ministry of Agropolicy, it has already used 1830 farms in Ukraine and purchased 2,900 units of equipment. The amount of compensation amounted to 211 million hryvnias. Moreover, the most interested persons were Vinnytsia - 163 agricultural enterprises. Agrarians of Vinnytsia region received almost 16 million UAH. reimbursement. About 7.7 mln UAH got gardeners of Vinnytsia region as a partial compensation for purchased landing material.

Taking into account the data of 2017, it was discovered that the financial crisis has hit most of the small businesses, due to the fact that it is harder for them to attract external financing, including tight credit requirements.

It is for this reason that, when analyzing the financial support of farmers abroad, there are compromises between profitability, ecosystem services and other social factors, which is a fundamental prerequisite for sustainable development of agriculture. A holistic approach to assessing the productivity of farms in the production, social, financial and environmental dimensions is being developed.

In this context, the ministry's intention is to draw the attention of heads of specialized departments to the between rural councils and agribusiness, as well as the level of salaries that would indicate a socially oriented agrarian business. For Vinnytsia region issues of attraction of new agricultural producers for cooperation in the project with the Euro region "Dniester" and the special support of this direction are considered by the branch of the Ukrainian State Fund for support of farms, the Institute of forage and agriculture Podillya of the NAAS of Ukraine and the Vinnytsia regional branch of the State Agricultural Protection Agency "State Soil Protection".

In order to use budget funds efficiently, to achieve a balance in funding support programs and sustainable socio-economic development of the village, to increase the competitiveness of agricultural producers, to expand the commodity structure of exports and to establish Ukraine on the world food markets, the Ministry of Agropolicy has drafted a bill "On Amendments to the Law" On State support of agriculture of Ukraine ". It provides the basic principles for the creation and functioning of the State Paying Agency and the State Agrarian Register.

It is worth taking into account the example of EU countries that build a database of agricultural producers by introducing a free identification procedure in a single register. An individual entrepreneur or legal entity creates a personal electronic cabinet and automatically receives information on all types of state aid, eligibility criteria, and the ability to apply online. Analysis of foreign experience shows that in their attempts to increase the viability of family farms, agricultural governments have chosen a number of approaches that can be extended to developing countries.

To improve the organizational and financial structure of farms, it is necessary to improve communication processes within farms and between farmers' organizations, enterprises, and social funds in order to establish common priorities for agrarian development in identifying and / or developing, adapting and expanding innovations.

Consequently, prospects for further exploration in this area lie in the field of elaboration of a methodology for determining the financial condition of farms based on farm and simplified financial statements.

Keywords: small agricultural enterprises, farms, agricultural enterprises, financial resources, government support, regulation, activity analysis, management

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