Economy, finances, management: Topical issues of science and practical activity


Issue №: 2 (56)

Published: 2021.06.29
DOI: 10.37128/2411-4413-2021-2

The journal deals with the issues of efficiency of functioning of the national economics and organizational forms of management of the national economy. Attention is paid to the problems of marketing, management and efficiency of production and economic activity of agrarian enterprises. The issues of public administration and administration, accounting and taxation, banking and insurance, forecasting and modeling of economic processes, foreign economic activity, commodity flows of economic entities and their infrastructure support.

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DOI: 10.37128/2411-4413-2021-2-14
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TOMASHUK Inna – PhD of Economics, Аssistant of the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship, Vinnytsіa National Agrarian University (21008, Vinnytsіa, 3, Soniachna Str., e-mail: tomashuk.inna@ukr.net).

TOMCHUK Olena – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Analysis and Statistics Department, Vinnytsia National Agrarian University (21008, Vinnytsia, 3, Soniachna str., e-mail: olenatomchuk@ukr.net).

GIRENKO Yulia – Teacher, Separate Structural Subdivision «Nemyriv Professional College of Construction, Economics and Design VNAU» (22800, Nemуrov, 29, Gymnasium Str., e-mail: ugirenko1983@gmail.com).


The article analyzes the development of international economic relations in the conditions of globalization. It is stated that one of the main features of modern development of the world economy are the deployment of globalization processes that have a significant impact on the system of international economic relations, transforming directions and determine the tendencies of development of national economies. It is determined that the globalization of the world economy is the process of strengthening the relationship between national economies of the world, which finds its expression in the formation of the world market of goods and services, finance; the formation of global information space, transformation of knowledge into the main element of social wealth, business outs for national borders through the formation of multinational corporations (hereinafter – TNCs), implementation and domestication in the daily practice of international relations and domestic life of peoples of fundamentally new and universal liberal-democratic values, etc. It is emphasized that in the modern world, globalization gives a dominant influence on the development of any state. It is accented that due to the dissemination of innovations in the field of technologies and management, the active exchange of goods, services, investments Globalization contributes to increasing the efficiency of the functioning of national economies, and on the other hand – enhances unevenness, asynchronism and disproportionality of development. It is emphasized that globalization on the macroeconomic level manifests itself in the pursuit of states and integration associations to economic activity outside its borders due to the liberalization of trade, withdrawal of trade and investment barriers, creation of free trade zones, etc. In addition, the processes of globalization and integration include intergovernmental agreed measures for the purposeful formation of the system of economic, legal, informational, communication, political space in large regions of the world.  It is analyzed that at the present stage of the development of international relations of the state, both on the world and regional level active joint work on confrontational threats of various character (terrorism, extremism, organized crime, drug trafficking, etc.) of provision, food, energy and environmental safety; preventing and solving armed conflicts and many other directions. In order to achieve success in this work, various international and regional organizations may be effective. It is indicated that logistics systems play an important role in the development of economic relations. The intensity of sectoral interaction characterizes the relationship of the micrologist system of the enterprise with an external medium of macrologistic ties. It is concluded that inside the post-industrial world, global tendencies leads to ultimately to convergence of levels of development of individual countries and their hard confrontation with the rest of the world.

Keywords: globalization, integration, economic growth, eurointegration, internationalization, strategy.

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