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Requirements for the structure and formalization of material of the article

In order to publish an article in, you need to submit the following materials by e-mail to the Editorial Board of the journal:

1) the article designed in accordance with the established requirements in electronic form to the address:;

2) for the authors who do not have a scientific degree – a scanned review of a scientific supervisor or a review of a person with a scientific degree (the signature of the reviewer must be certified in the Personnel Department of the institution or the seal of the faculty (institute);

3) extended English language annotation (submitted for the purpose of forming the English language web page of the journal in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Decree No. 1111 dated October 17, 2012), at least 2 pages of А4;

4) a scanned receipt of payment (after receiving a positive response from the Editorial Board) for the publication of the article.

If t the article is submitted in English, it is necessary to add its Ukrainian copy. An electronic file must be also added titled by the author's name and containing the text of the article and abstracts. In the presence of figures, a separate graphic file should be also submitted.

Attention! If you have not received a confirmation letter in more than 15 working days, please contact the Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board of the journal categorically condemns the facts of plagiarism in articles as a violation of copyright and scientific ethics. Each article undergoes an independent peer review. The review procedure is anonymous for both the reviewer and the authors and is carried out by an independent reviewer (“blind” review). If the article comprises borrowed text without corresponding references and the use of quotes, the article is qualified as containing plagiarism and is not considered by the editorship.

The author receives a letter of review results and, in the case of successful passing, receive the requisites for payment the publication fee.

Articles are published in the general order, based on the date of receipt of the article to the Editorial Board. Articles are included in the general queue only after the confirmation of the payment for the publication.

The paid articles are distributed to the free places of the upcoming issues. The Editorial Board DOES NOT associate the date of the receipt of the article with its publication in a particular issue of the journal.

The article should contain:

1) UDC;

2) the title of the article – in Ukrainian, English and Russian;

3) annotation, keywords – at least 6 words. Annotation volume 100-250 words – in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages;

4) definition of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;

5) analysis of recent researches and publications, in which the problem was initiated and the solutions, the author relies on; definition of the gaps and previously unsolved parts of the general problem, to which the article is devoted;

6) the formulation of the purpose and objectives of the article ( task setting);

7) presentation of main material of the research and substantiation of findings and scientific results;

8) conclusions and suggestions for further research.


The list of references should be given in order of citation (according to the international standard DSTU 8302:2015 “Information and documentation. Bibliographical records. General requirements and rules of completion”). The reference to the source should be done in the text in square brackets indicating the page numbers of the source, for example: [3, p. 234] or [2, p. 35; 8, p. 234].

For formalizing references the APA international bibliographic standard (URL: should be used.

All citations, the original language of which is different from the language of the article, must be submitted in the language of the article with reference to the source and specific page.

The number of sources in the article should be at least 8 and not more than 25 for the original article and no more than 30 sources for the review article.

Information about the author (authors) must include the following information: surname, name, scientific degree, academic title, position, department and name of the organization represented by the author, postal address, e-mail, contact phone number.

Technical requirements:

Recommended size of the article is 8-16 full A4 format pages. The text of the article, the bibliographic list should be typed in Times New Roman font, in 14-th size, spaced 1.0, indentation – 1.25. An electronic version of the article is made in Microsoft Word or TextMaker, the file must be saved in one of the formats: * .doc, * .docx, * .tmd, * .tmdx. The size of the fields – 20 mm.

Annotations (in Ukrainian, Russian and English) should be given in italics, font 12. Syntactic constructions of impersonal sentence should be used, for example: “It was investigated ...”, “It was considered ...” (for example, "The features of the structure of ... are investigated”. “The satisfactory results … are obtained”.)

All figures and tables should be referred to in the text. Under the figures and tables the source of information should be indicated. All figures and tables should have necessary captions (signs/names) and numeration.

The figures should be made in Microsoft Word, Visio, Excel, PlanMaker and submitted additionally in separate files. The figures should be grouped together. Signs and captions in the figures are made in Times New Roman, font 10.

Tables are performed in the Microsoft Word editor using the “Add Table” in Times New Roman, font 10. Each table should contain no more than one sheet of book format, with the text volume at least ¾ of the table size.

Formulas in the article should be typed in the editor of formulas MS Equation – 3.0, font 10 with the numbering in parentheses.

Terms must be unified throughout the work.

If the text contains an abbreviation, it should be transcribed in parentheses at the first mention.

Editorial Board reserves the right to make editorial corrections.

The editorial board is not responsible for the accuracy of the specified in the article terms, names, data, citations, borrowings, statistical materials, etc.

The cost of publishing of one page in the professional editions of the University is 60 UAH.

The price of an additional copy of the journal including mailing cost is 250 UAH.